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It’s sweltering outside, here in Kolkata. Yesterday a Halo was seen around the Sun. People started talking about how a 22 degrees rainbow halo served as an announcement to an approaching hail storm. It’s already been a day and a half, still no sign of even a drizzle…

However, please don’t cancel your plans to go out and have fun. There are super ways to beat the heat. Trust me on this. Recently I had to attend a Corporate Day party, which required me to put on formals. A full sleeve shirt, tie, blazer….. the very thought of them were enough to melt me down already. And more importantly, isn’t it boring to always wear the same old things and to look nothing different, all the time?

So I started searching my wardrobe to find something interesting to add to the already decided quintessential set of clothes.

And there it was … a cotton, button-less kurta with Sanskrit text printed all over…. and my experimental senses kicked in…

The formal shirt went back to its seat in the closet as I decided to wear this piece of cotton with a pair of formal trousers ……


The blue script totally complimented the black, tapered down jet black pants while my skin breathed well and nice.




I left the tucked in portion of the kurta to fall with a mushroom-end so that even if I sweat, the garment wouldn’t stick onto my body and make me look greasy and slimy all over. You can buy this from any of the various leading clothing chains across the country, at a very reasonable price …

Shoes are a Gentleman’s best friend. They shoot up your level of confidence like nothing else. Here, I have chosen a pair of Classic brown shoes, which help my feet to breathe.

Script it away..... (1)

Always remember that co-ordinating your belt is always important. Do not wear a belt which does not match the colour tone of your shoes. It’s a BIG no no .

The next and most important thing is to protect your eyes. Make it a point,that you must never step outside without a pair of shades. Round glasses have always been my favourite and trust me, you can never go wrong with them. Whatever you wear, your primary motif should be, to be and feel comfortable…always.


So, after a bit of re-arrangements, I found the perfect formal wear for this season. Be it a date, a day party, a birthday party or any other occasion.. I am sure this look would never fail to fetch envious looks from your fellow mates and the look of admiration from that special someone.


So if you are too irritated by the heat, just :

Script it away.....

Do let me know what you feel about this look and also write to me if you could experiment more on this line. I would love to try them myself….

Photography – Juxt’a’pose

Photographer – Anabil Mukherjee

Shooting co-ordinator – Trinakshi Saha

Bag, belt and key ring – MODA , 77A Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata – 700026

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  1. Being a photography enthusiast, I must say the photos are fabulous. Bro, do write an article themed “fashion for dummies”. Would help a lot of guys like yours truly. This one is quite well written. Keep up the good job 👍

    1. Haha … definitely … Thank you so much for your kind words …. I do hope that you will follow my posts regularly and that I can live up to your expectations and show case better work. 🙂

  2. You’re a life-saver, Pushpak. Totally using your tips when I come back 😀

    PS: Could you blog about what one could wear so that the sweat in this heat is not visible?

    1. Life savior ? LOL no way .. life is too precious to be saved by me. 😛 It’s wonderful to know that you found my tips useful and I am thankful for that.

      And to answer your question, I have to say .. that till today, no such technology has been discovered which can make the sweat invisible …. The trick is to drink lots of lemon juice and water in order to stay hydrated …
      wear good quality cotton which let your skin breathe and to decrease your fat intake. You are done.. 🙂

  3. waoooooooooo!!! 😀


    And then Juxt’a’pose… You simply rock! 😀

    1. Thank you Suvaleena . Keep supporting as The Bong Munda needs your love . And yes. without Juxt’a’pose, this wouldn’t have been possible … 🙂

    1. Thank you for being the lovely co-ordinator and my best friend. We have to work harder and achieve better results together. 🙂

  4. Pushpak da what about half sleeves and sleeveless attires?
    Any ideas on how we might pair up either of them in this heat?
    By the way a fabulous job done on your part.

    1. Arindam, thank you for appreciating The Bong Munda. I am flattered.

      To answer your question , Half sleeve shirts are things which I hate from the bottom of my heart. Especially the ill-fitted ones. But now that you have mentioned, I would definitely think about it and come up with some idea to showcase in the future. Till then, keep supporting. The Bong Munda needs your love. 🙂

  5. It is always a moment of pride when you see your junior from school take up a lovely and bold step about clothing and fashion. Terrific work brother. And terrific work Anabil, the pictures are so soothing to eyes…Pushpak,I hope this will inspire many. Keep the Bong Munda in you high.Cheers!

    1. Saswata da, I am flattered beyond expression. I do hope that someday we can work together. Thank you for giving me strength and confidence .. Thank you for believing me always … 🙂

  6. Nice work to start with.The pictures come off as fantabulous to me.As far as the style statement is concerned,why not bunk black jet pants for a khaki or a pastel shade one?Just a piece of advice though.

    1. Aritra, thank you so much for your kind words .I really appreciate them. And to answer your question, Khaki is totally out of style . See, here I followed a basic colour code… white-black-brown . They form the same colour palette. Anything pastel here, instead of the black, would have made the look drab and boring. That is what I believe. But since you suggested, would definitely try it sometime soon and show you the look. Till then keep following and supporting. The Bong Munda needs your love. 🙂

  7. I am really very happy to see this initiative. So different from the typical attitude. This really is a Bongmunda with a difference. Great going, keep it up!

    1. Ma’am, I cannot really express my feelings right now. You have given me strength, power and confidence to have reached here today. I really do not have the capacity to thank you. I seek your blessings and love . The Bong Munda needs all of it. 😀

  8. You look good. How ? Dhyat ! I am jealous.

    Fashion on point. Though i really thought the key ring was a little too much, but still, guys could really learn something from this. Phenomenal for a start. Will be waiting for more.

    1. Haha , thank you Pooja. This really means a lot. You flatter me unnecessarily . About the key ring, there are a lot of Gentlemen who are clueless as to where and how to carry their transport keys .. I just attempt to give them an idea here.. Someday I too wish to put a car key in that ring . 😉
      Keep supporting. Keep following… The Bong Munda needs your love. 🙂

  9. LOVED IT THOROUGHLY!!! This bong munda will save a lot of effort ..cause now the wardrobe selection would be much easier for the normal people. Everyone loves to be Bong Munda is the new remedy when you go out for a formal party or just a casual reunion. Great blog…will love to see more posts 🙂 lots of love !!!

  10. WOW! The pictures are downright amazing! Hats off to Juxt’a’pose.
    The idea in itself is a Bigger BANG!!This redefines the realms of “formals” and literally saves a lot of unnecessary pressure to the heart and mind. Initially I did wonder about the keys there but then read your clarification too.
    I just love the whole idea and the way you rendered it! Would love to see you trying out something on the traditional front sometime soon. Till then keep us amazed!

    Loads of love! 🙂