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Okay, so the temperature outside has FINALLY decided to stop climbing up higher. The cool (okay, not so warm) breeze, the occasional thunderstorms and the color-play of the clouds are making the days beautiful. You know, had my grandmother been alive, she would climb up to the  roof, taking her sewing kit along, and would force me to accompany her. At times, it was irritating. But now, that she is not there anymore, I miss those days. She used to sew on a piece of cloth….sometimes a bird, sometimes a bouquet and sometimes a whole scenery. And I used to lie down beside her, stare up at the clouds and tell her about all the shapes that I could make out from the floating canvases of water vapor…

Ah .. too much of nostalgia there. Let me come back here. So, the other day, I was at park street and I saw this tall Gentleman, who was wearing this really cool piece of clothing. It looked somewhat like a cross between dhoti pants and patialas . Whatever it was, he looked great. i came back home, sat down with my laptop and jumped into the research work. After typing out a lot of keywords, (sometimes hilarious ones like “pants with air” or “parachute pants”) Google finally showed me the picture of what I was searching. They are popularly known as ‘Hippie Pants” or “Hipster pants”… and my experimental senses kicked in….

Untitled design

As you can see, this piece of garment is colorful, with all the patches and prints and it looks marvelous when styled with a solid colored kurta. Here, I would strictly recommend to try only and ONLY kurtas with hippie pants as anything else would make the look clumsy and dull. Going with the brightness of the pants, I decided to mute it down a bit for a sober, day look and hence, came out my pale cotton kurta. Any solid colored kurta would look nice with the pants but preferably, if you are going for a multi-colored one, choosing a black or a white top is ideal. You would never go wrong



Now, the turban story. With a pair of gorgeous lowers and a muted top, normal side-parted hair would have looked atrocious. Being a guy with super stubborn hair, the struggle to style it up is real, Ladies and Gentlemen. Besides, shooting outdoors in the afternoon, makes you sweat enough to fill buckets and your hair is all over your face – sticky, slimy, drab. Something had to be done. What? A wig? who was I kidding … no. Hair gel then? um no … not a good idea at all. I opened the May edition of the GQ magazine. While flipping through the pages, I stopped at a Sabyasachi wedding collection. While drooling at the lovely sherwanis, I noticed that the men looked different. …. they looked different because they were wearing turbans … and Voila ! There was my idea …

I sneaked up into my mother’s closet. While searching for something interesting, I found this beautiful resham magenta and gold dupatta. My turban hunting was sorted.

Untitled design (3)

The Rudraksh Mala that you see here, belonged to my grandmother. Before leaving us forever, she had given it to me. She had asked me to wear it at times when I would miss her. The truth is, I miss her always….but this white gold and rudraksh mala is too precious for me, to wear it always….So here, I have attempted to wear it off and to show it to everyone. The shades which I am wearing here, silvery reflectors, with an unusual shape. I had thrift-ed it from New Market, while returning from a work. The gorgeous pheroza handcuff is made of pure silver, and had costed me a fortune … I had picked it up from an exhibition which was going on near my house . As for the shoes, I kept it simple and comfortable. IMG_7270-01

Untitled design (1)

In the above picture, I was goofing up with Anabil, my best friend and the photographer for THE BONG MUNDA. I was purposefully irritating him with wrong and weird poses. The awesome photographer that he is, he still managed to make me look good and click the above candids… I love them.

Shooting for this post had been an adventure….well …. sort of ( *awkward laugh*). Initially, we were supposed to shoot at the Park Street Cemetery. We walked our way to the cemetery from the park street metro station. People who have taken the walk, know what a mammoth task it is. Halfway through, and we realized that none of us had remembered to bring along memory cards for the camera. Wow. Somehow we managed to buy one. Then, on reaching the destination, we were informed that we wouldn’t be allowed to shoot because of some complications there. What a day! By this time, I had given up all hopes for the day, but this gentleman, kept my spirits high ….. We decided to move to North Calcutta and try our luck. On reaching North, the light had already started fading….. we had exactly half an hour to shoot….

However, we managed and the ’70s style which was so popular among the youngsters then, is here. The results are here for you to judge…. In the middle of all the harassment and confusion, we had a good time sipping grape juice from a local vendor and posing on the streets while people gathered around to see what was happening… I had my celebrity moment right there … ! So here’s to THE BONG MUNDA for a successful shoot :

Hippie Hippie

Do write to me and let me know what you feel about this post. I love hearing it from you all .

Photography – Juxt’a’pose

Photographer – Anabil Mukherjjie 

Backpack – MODA, 77 A Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata – 700026


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  1. You’ll have a shop beside Sabyasachi’s in every mall in the next 5 years! Start designing your own stuff now! Tor hobe bhai! 😀

    Keep going! All the best! 🙂

  2. Simply Splendid! And yes, while searching for these pants in the past I’ve realised the true meaning of “What’s there in a name?”. Thanks a lot for sharing that info man! Your ideas have always been specialand it grows by the day! (….waiting for more)

  3. Simply Splendid! And yes, while searching for these pants in the past I’ve realised the true meaning of “What’s there in a name?”. Thanks a lot for sharing that info man! Your ideas have always been special and it grows by the day! (….waiting for more)

  4. Where may I ask did you get the kurta? Ive been in the market for one and I love yours, I may be Caucasian but I am mad for all things eastern, I guess there an enticing, romanticized mysteriousness to it all and I love the top button (would that be considered a button?) name’s Mad Dog

    1. You will get it in boutiques and stores all over Kolkata and India. You just have to keep a keen lookout. And yes that is a button. 😀
      Do keep following my blog as it needs all your love and support. 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Will surely visit the site and check out their services. Do keep following my blog. It needs all your love and support. 😀

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