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I have been seeing such a lot of men being depressed and sad about their receding hairline , about how they are losing hair and about how that plush dense mop of Keratin on their heads are slowly fading away. Well , Gentlemen, No fear when The Bong Munda is here. I dedicate this blog to all of you lovely, dashing and super awesome men out there, reading my blog post. Honestly, shooting for this blog post was such a lot of fun ! I kept on giggling the entire time, (You will see the evidences in the following pictures. In most of them, my mouth is open and my teeth are visible. So please  *ahem* excuse me. *awkward laugh*).


It was quite an experience for me to shoot with Abhijnan Bose. The studio, the lights, the makeup, everything. It’s a different world altogether ! Oh . Rubai da (Abhijnan Da’s nickname) Is very particular about lights. In the above picture, you can see how he did all that. If light is the game, he is the player ! Anyway, I will speak about the shooting experience more . But let’s get to the main point.

To all the men who are worried with their hair :

  • Stop worrying and get down to business already.
  • There are different ways to cure your hair loss. If the damage is beyond repair, then just flaunt what you have.

Now my FIRST suggestion to you is, if you are facing a hair loss problem, go to a doctor immediately. Prevention is better than cure. So get your scalp and problems checked by an experienced and good specialist. It’s really really worth it.

My next and MOST IMPORTANT suggestion is , you should crop your hair real close to the scalp, so that, it doesn’t look like you are going bald. It looks great. It feels great. Look at my photos. You will understand. Nothing looks uglier than thin ,long hair flying all over your head and making your scalp look like it’s gonna cry out in shame soon. Besides. it looks smart. classy. and very stylish !




Now, let me speak about the things I am wearing. As you can see, it’s a simple black shirt, with Chinese collars and buttons. Lots of buttons. You see, you can get this tailor made, or what you can do is catch hold of a black shirt of your’s and remove all the buttons. Now stitch on some wooden buttons, as many as you like, and lo and behold! You have your very own buttony shirt !

Next are the glasses I am wearing. You see, I have a thing for round glasses. They are quirky, fun and goes almost with everything. Besides, after cropping out my hair, I look kind of round myself. So thought that other round things would make me look dashing ! HAHAHAHAHA !!!! okay. Lame joke. *poker face*

Those splashes of red has made the shirt look really really cool. I picked it up from a PANTALOONS store. I just left it overnight on a chair, and it developed the smooth, sober, gliding creases. I love how they add texture to this super comfortable shirt !


Now this watch, I picked up from a street shop in the New market area of Kolkata. Doesn’t it look great ? Well , that’s the thing about style. You do need need to wear brands to flaunt your style. Rather, get an ordinary thing, add your personality, add your aura and make it look amazing. The bracelet which you see, is bought from THE BRO CODE . They have a superb collection of accessories only for men. So do check them out. You can buy the bracelet here.

Now let me give you SOME TIPS TO MAINTAIN AND REGROW YOUR HAIR which you can apply at a very minimum expense and most of them, I am sure will be available in your home :

  • Apply a hair pack mixture made of yogurt, ripe bananas, egg white and coconut oil, at least twice a month. Although it sounds gross, and would smell gross, it would work marvellously on your scanty hair.
  • Apply a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil and rapeseed (commonly known as til) oil in equal proportions on your head, every alternate day.
  • Apply henna/mehendi packs on your hair.
  • This is by far the most important and easiest method to regrow your hair real fast and well. Apply raw ginger juice all over your scalp. Works like a miracle.


Now let us address the usage of a ROSE. Well, roses have remained a fashion accessory since time immemorial. Be it Akbar, or Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru or Jared Leto in recent times, men have been rocking this flower no less than the women. I chose a white Rose because it complimented my outfit. It went marvelously well with the outfit and the backgrounds. You can actually carry a rose in your shirt pockets in any occasion . It would add an extra oomph to your charm. Trust me.

Now to address the gentlemen, who already have a fantastic mane of hair. You can try out this crop too. it feels great. You can almost feel your scalp dancing to the movements of the wind passing over it, which otherwise would have been bypassed  by your hair. And it looks cool. It’s very very good to have a close crop or to shave off the hair if you are bored of your hairstyle, and want a new one.



An all black ensemble is a savior. You can never go wrong with a black shirt, a black belt and black trousers. Be it any occasion.

We started shooting at 9;30 p.m and when we finished, it was almost close to midnight. In between momo breaks and soft drinks, I had a wonderful time working with an awesome team. Be it my make-up artist Sampurna Basu, the assistants, or the photographer himself. They helped me out with every expression, every pose and mostly, with the enthusiasm. Most importantly, they are all very good human beings. I guess that is the basic criterion for being talented- you have to be a good human being.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Do write back to me and follow me on INSTAGRAM.

Finally, flaunt your style, flaunt your vogue, flaunt whatever you got – hair or no hair. Be confident and if anybody complaints, then :

Happy (2)


Bracelet- The Bro Code

Photography and Studio – Abhijnan Bose

Makeup – Sampurna Basu


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  1. Hey Pushpak! Came across this post in facebook and loved how you addressed this issue. Well, I am suffering from hair loss myself and I would like to know if there are any hair specialists whom you would personally recommend. I have tried a few but none seemed to be of much help.
    And will be trying out that caster oil mix soon.
    Thank you. Keep posting.