10 things on Basic Clothing and how to style them.

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It’s the Autumn season and Kolkata is gearing up for its most awaited event- the durga puja. Although the event stretches on a span of 4 days, the celebration starts a month prior to the pujas and extends upto another month, right till the diwali. We bongs sure know how to have fun. Oh yeah !

The most important part of this carnivalesque event is shopping. Yes. Everyone starting from the 8 year old to the 80, is excited about this important aspect. Be it household items or furnishings, we shop it all. But taking the centre of attraction are the clothes. How can one not shop clothes?

1. If you are a Bangali, and are not done with the shopping, then I have just the right thing to show you – THE BASICS. And even if you aren’t a bong, then scroll down. You might find this very important.

2. Yes. Most of the times we tend to forget about them, whereas they are THE most important things which one must possess.

3. The colour green, is one of the most eye soothing colours of all times. Of course, the correct shade matters. Here I have chosen this muted emerald which has a beautiful tinge of its own.


But what’s the use of just a plain green half shirt?


Before you dismiss it as boring, let me show you how you can absolutely style it up anywhere and at anyplace to suit your mood and occasion.


4. This formal look is achieved easily by just tucking in the shirt and wearing a belt that matches with the pants. Button up your collar to give it a more sophisticated look.


5. Colour blocking is very very important. Gone are the days when matching things were the shizz. No. Play with solid colours. And for that you need to invest on the basic items, without which your fashion game won’t last long.

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6. Adding some accessories always heighten up your game. Like here, the white watch and a brown bag are totally complimenting the green hue. So go on and try out these items of love.

7. Now comes the vermillion red shirt.


What to do with it? It’s such a loud and effeminate colour !

Gentlemen, please relax. No fear when The Bong Munda is here. Again comes in the contributions of accessories. Button up your shirt and add this piece of jewellery to it and see your look getting glammed up in minutes.


8. Brooches are trending this season and I would strongly recommend you to get some of them. They look wonderful on all types of attires – Indian, western, indo-western and the likes.


9. You can also try and experiment with the handcrafted jackets, which you can get almost anywhere in a handicrafts expo or the stores which deal in small-scale industry products. Trust me, they are amazingly comfortable and oomphs up your style statement like nothing else.


If I have talked about red and green and if I am dealing with basics, how can I NOT speak about black ?

10. Well, Gentlemen, here we are. Since I am very much in love with my heritage, I showcase to you a basic black full length kurta, which you can buy from anywhere across this country. To make a stand out statement, I have added a pearl necklace, the gold chain brooch and of course the ivory bangle. You can add any accessory of your choice. Just keep in mind not to overdo it as all the sophistication will get lost.


So all you lovely Gentlemen out there, go and invest your money on some good solid coloured garments, which you can buy as ready-made or get it tailored. And do not forget to add on some eye-catching accessories. Have a lovely festive season, be confident and make remember your basics.


RED SHIRT, GREEN SHIRT, WHITE PANTS – Metro cash and Carry, E.m. Bypass

BLACK PANTS – Blackberry’s

WATCH, BELT, GLASSES – New Market, Esplanade


PHOTOGRAPHY – Abhijnan Bose

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