The Make-over story

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How many faces do you see everyday? How many do you remember?

You look at many. You see them less.

The festivals arrive, the festivals go…. what do they leave behind? ‘Memories’ do you say? If you ask me, they leave behind the opportunity to rediscover yourself….. rediscover yourself in the light of all the new people you met,… all the old ones that left…

Here’s to that journey of rediscovery. Presenting ‘KRISHNAYAI’ ….


As leaves begin to turn yellow and the winds become cold….as the sky becomes a canvas from passive blue, .. you encounter her. On the streets. on the road….at the corners where lamps glowed, you see her. Miss a glimpse and she is gone. Much like the thunderbolt that missed the kiss of ground….



Are you looking for her? Right….left….at the bend down the street? Dear lord… she’s the enigma. She is the dream…who comes in your illusion, in the chariot of the beam.

You spot again, go behind her. She won’t let you catch her even if you can.



With the wind in her hair and prance in the feet, she is like a damsel yet, in the eyes and the gaze….she can make you feel distressed.

But who is she? Does she seem familiar? Have you seen her on paintings ..or the photo on the wall … in a dream … or the person in the bus, sitting next to you but you can’t recall.

Here, there, …. there, here….. in that street, on that road,… go faster…is she calling you? Right in the lane….left on that road…. bend at the corner. Straight up. Straight down. Fast. Fast.. Faster….


She’s here….




The beauty of life, the beauty of nature, the beauty of power can not be underestimated. Much like the calm of the sea or the blue in the sky, you can feel the tranquility emancipating from her. Yet she is the storm that can toss you up and throw you away in a turmoil of the self.

She is a quest on her own. She is a journey… from the innocence to the chaos of love. You encounter KRISHNAYAI all day, everyday… yet you don’t know her. Even if you do, you don’t know her enough….you want to know more…. you crave for more… but she is KRISHNAYAI, the enigma…. she will let you know as much as she desires…

You want to go on… don’t you ?

img_1897 img_1902

She is a transition from the love of a mother to the power of the protector. She is an agent of the infusion of winter into the autumn aura. Leaves, the butterflies….the birds….sing in harmony the message of her arrival.

Every foot step that she takes, is a step towards the future, her rhythm freezes the time… her beauty calms the sun…and her laughter make the flowers blush…

She is a woman like no other…

img_1907 img_1931

In her, the letters find expression…. in her tongue is their execution…In the light and shade of truth and lie…she is that center which you cannot fathom…

Mother, daughter…child….she is the supreme universe… cross her and you cannot exist. Delve into her…and you will lose yourself…

She is the goddess whom everyone desires…..

c56a4190 c56a4133

She is KRISHNAYAI….the glamour of darkness and the guide towards light.

Style Decode:

Ritumainty is wearing a pink full sleeve t-shirt as a blouse and this hand embroidered saree which compliments the colour.

As for makeup, she is almost not wearing any apart from the lipstick and the thin line of Kajal.

The hair has been curled to add texture and then put up into a messy bun. The hair strands flowing here and there adds on to the drama.

All this, and from this :


She transformed into this :


Trust me on this…. Indians look best when they are in traditionals.

So the next time you are thinking of going desi, try this messy haired, hassle free low key look and make a statement of your own, in this festive season. ‘Cause natural….is the real beauty.


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In frame – Ritumainty Mondal

Garment – Fx- By Debasish and Ritumainty

Hair and make-up – Pushpak Sen

Photography – Avirup Banerjee & Abhijnan Bose

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