3 Layering tricks for Winter

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“Deck the halls with boughs of holly,

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

‘Tis the season to be jolly,

Fa la la la la, la la la la.”

Christmas is just round the corner and all I feel like doing is to sing the Christmas carols and wrap a blanket around myself and wear comfy pajamas and have hot chocolate and……… okay, enough.

This IS the season to be jolly and to be happy. Honestly, yes ! You can go around the city without feeling like a rat in a oven drain. You can eat all the lovely cake. You can go Christmas shopping, turkey eating, tram riding or simply a walk in the narrow lanes of North Kolkata.

Kolkata during winters is the best place to chill. Be it the bars, the night clubs, the restaurants or that special corner of your house. The romance in the city just blooms out and you can feel the joy in the chilly air all around.

But wait, all these fun things to do, all these fun places to be … what about the outfits ? Will you hide yourself underneath the layers of sweaters and monkey caps ?

Come on. It’s time to be more than just ‘winter ready’. For this, you don’t have to gorge out thousands of bucks and buy all those fancy items which do not let you breathe.

What you CAN do, is open your wardrobe, take out some clothes which you wouldn’t wear often and put them one upon the other. Create a unique look that would definitely make a strong statement, and make you feel good about yourself. Read on :

The basic garment that has been used to create the following three looks are sweat shirts and knitted tees, which can be found in almost EVERYONE’S closet.


Perfect for a seminar day in college, a public speaking event or a presentation day – this layering gives you a serious, intellectual look . Team it with simple trousers and the Geek glasses and see the importance which everyone gives you while you speak .

Winter is also the season of various handicrafts fairs and flea markets. So do visit some of them as you can get a jacket like the above, only there and that too real cheap. Also, it’s a lot of fun to get up on the rides and have some candy floss. Yummm !

As for the accessories, you can wear a bunch of bracelets or you could just go bare. There’s ALWAYS room for experiments. So go ahead … play with them !

Lastly, throw on a nice pair of sunglasses to add some drama in that persona.

So, now you know that even a casual, basic T-shirt can help you look all professional !


We all have that one shirt that we do not like to wear at all. Maybe it was a gift or maybe you really liked it in the stores but when you got home, you saw that doesn’t look THAT impressive on you.

Making it rot in the woods is not an option. Take it out and wear it over a solid coloured t-shirt. See how within a blink of an eye, it turns into ‘rocking’ from ‘boring’. Take a look :

Put on a beanie if you are very very sensitive to the cold outside. As for the rest, a quirky pair of shades, a statement pendant and just a simple wrist watch would complete your look.

Perfect for an outing with the friends, a birthday party or a movie date, this ensemble would give you the right comfort to chill out and enjoy the day.


In this season, we have a lot of indoor occasions and parties to attend. Sometimes, all of us are in a fix to decide what would not go over the top and what would not be too mellow to make us look under dressed. So this one trick could save your time and energy, and help you look different yet smart.

All I did here, was wear one t-shirt over the other :

I deliberately went belt less so as to maintain a balance with the buttons on my black T-shirt and that of my pant. You can definitely add one if you want. You can also experiment with print on print, plaids and nudes. Make sure you don’t wear anything that makes your collar look jammed up.

As for the accessory, I kept it to just a chain brooch which is as beautiful to wear as it is to look at.

So that was all about my layer story. It’s simple, doable, not at all difficult to carry and of course, super easy to pull off….  Here are some photos from our shoot to make you feel happy :

Please do not waste your clothes for they can look good when you pair them with the right things. Do try out the above looks see for yourself how your personality changes for the better and YOU feel good about yourself and the weather. Have fun !

Featured : Parnabha and Ankush

Photography : Koustav Ghosh Photography

On Parnabha : Shirt – DJ&C, T-shirt – E.T.A

On Ankush : Jacket – Flea Market, T-shirt – E.T.A

On Pushpak : Black T-shirt – E.T.A, Brooch – eBay

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