3 looks for Love ft. JACK & JONES.

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The receding winters, the glimmering Sun, the shimmering leaves and the mellow moods….. 2017 begins as just another year where we all hope for the better… like every year. It’s been such an amazing journey for me with all of you. The Bong Munda is growing up fast and like everyone says, this is the time to explore, to dream, to fly and of course… to love.

And here I am, penning down my inner self, each passing month with my each passing blog. A lot of times I get asked, “Why do you do this blog? What do you get out of it ?”

My reply to them is simple – I don’t do this blog because I want to get something out of it. I write these articles because it is MY path of expressing myself. Some people play, some sing, some dance… I blog.

This is MY art. This is my love…. this is my everything.

Okay, so now coming back to ‘LOVE’, this is the season of romance…. be it with that special someone, your pet, your hobby, your city, or yourself. I have put together 3 looks which you can choose to be a bit more stylish in this very season of love.

Read on ……….

  1. THE CITY BOY – 

If you call Paris the city of love, Kolkata is the city of passion. The gullies of North kolkata would take you back to the Imperial status of the British Raj…. the vintage streets, the European architecture and of course the old Calcutta charm. You know, I can literally roam around the streets just like that and not get tired .. at all.

I put together this semi formal look. Sometimes, you should walk out of your work…take a bag and go on a tour with yourself,  around the city.

This shirt is perfect for any occasion. Be it an office meeting, a day out or just a casual outing all by yourself. Such prints are apt for both day and evening looks. moreover they add to your personality. Wear them once and you are BOUND to get back to me with positive reviews.

This pullover in one word is AMAZING. It doesn’t make you feel cold nor hot. It is what i would call perfect for this February weather. Such pullovers are best worn over sized. By over sized i don’t mean terribly loose or similar but just two sizes larger than what you actually wear. You have to let it fall freely all around you to get the best look.

And if you have a date to go to or an occasion, right out from your work, then pull out the shirt, throw over a jacket, and you are good to go.

And when you need to escape from everything, just tie the pullover around your neck and run out into the nature…..


Valentines’ day or no valentines’ day… I am sure you don’t need any excuse to go out for lunch with that special person. But yes sometimes do make an effort to dress up and be at your best. It would totally light up your beloved’s face.

And this is the season of endless wedding invites and lunch outings. So why not step up your style game by adding some flowers to it ? Why should women have all the fun with flowers ? Don’t worry gentlemen… you can rock them too. Here’s how :


Gelled up hair, trimmed facial hair, spectacles that double up as reflectors and of course a bow tie. You can never go wrong with these. No matter what, you MUST have a bow tie in your wardrobe… preferably in a neutral colour so that it can go with any shade of the shirt that you are wearing.


The weather is a bit mad now, at least in Kolkata. It’s sultry in the afternoons and cold in the evenings… actually, Kolkata is that beloved girlfriend who changes her mood every hour, and this is exactly what makes you love her all the more.

But leaving all that romance aside, it’s very important to both go for parties and not wear anything that would make you feel like you are at the end of the world.

I have got JUST the right thing for you – A LEATHER DRESS JACKET :

A white jacket is a must. You can team it up with any t-shirt/shirt and it’s still going to look fabulous. Maintain a colour palette with the rest of accessories and you are sorted to set that party scene on fire.

So, shenanigans … what are you waiting for ? Go grab your items and go out into the love all around. But whatever you do, don’t forget to love yourself. As in the end, whatever you have lost, they will always find a way back to you.

Photography – Snehadeep Das

Yellow T-shirt, Pullover, Shirt, Shoes – JACK & JONES

Leather Jacket, Trolley Bag – MODA

Jacket – Rajasthan

Flower accessories – Forever 21

Bow tie – Flipkart

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