2 cool garments and 6 cooler ways to style them.

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This is one of the most crucial times for every student in Bengal…… well ‘almost’ everyone. Exams and semesters and submissions and projects – they are all hovering around us, ready to swallow up the whole existence of a self..on giving it the first chance it gets.

With all the heat, tension, anticipation, perspiration and metabolism at being high, the mind and the body needs only one thing – to escape.

Don’t you feel like packing your bags, grabbing your running shoes and just sprinting away into the wild ?…… I feel that now. I feel that all the time. So here I have got you some of the coolest and trendiest apparel which are creating a sensation all over the city.


Reason why I chose to showcase Kollab lifestyle :

  1. Kollab speaks in point of view of an artist – a hyper sensitive being trying to make sense of the world. The trials and tribulations of an artist who sees the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. They have a deep love for all art and culture that originated in the streets that originated across the world and they hope to bring about a global cultural movement – a second Renaissance through their fashion and extended art collaborations with artists across the world.
  3. They hate when creativity is not fully appreciated. They hate it when people have to give up their passion.
  4. They like to create. They want to inspire.
  5. They stand for change … for independent art.
  6. They are the flag bearers of the freedom of expression.
  7. They are the artist brand.

And me, as THE BONG MUNDA, have tried to fuse their style of high street with a bit of indigenous fashion. Let me show you :

Style Decode –

Harems are one of the most comfortable bottom wears that were ever created. God bless the inventor ! The ones that I am wearing, are made of super quality cotton and they let your legs breath. With an ample space for your legs to feel at home, harems add to your cool quotient and alleviate your fashion statement.

Perfect for a getaway, try harems next time you go for a hiking trip in the hills. You will love them all the more. And psssst ….. they make you look hip in photos. *wink* *wink*

The Kimono shirt –

Inspired from the Japanese kimono, these t-shirts look chic and edgy with their flappy sleeves and bucket fall in the lowers. The edgy prints on the sleeves make them look suave and sexy. They add to the personality of the whole clothing, making it street smart yet super classy.

Style Decode –

Kollab Lifestyle is all about rebellion. And rightly so. I personally believe that clothing is the medium through which you express yourself. It’s your weapon to rebel.

So I fused the Tokyo Kimono with our Indian Ghagra and look what we have ! A perfect look to rock that special occasion in your college or that special event in a festival where you want the attention to be focused on YOU and only YOU.

As for me, I love travelling ( which I already mentioned above. Um .. well.. okay you get my point.) I am also a very ‘cold stricken’ lad, which means … I cannot tolerate cold. ( I don’t like ice-cream. Yes. judge me. Don’t hate me but. ;_; ). The hoodie is my savior. AND IT MAKES THE KIMONO LOOK SO MUCH COOLER ! …… ok . sorry for the excitement. :3

Be it ripped jeans, lace shorts, harems or quirky pyjamas… you can wear a Kollab product with anything and everything !

And to all the Ladies who are reading this, I have got for you a bonus look that you can try out for your regular college wear or for a family occasion ! :

KOLLAB is an abbreviation for ‘Kolkata Lab’. Back in 2015, founder Jayanta Samaddar decided to unite the underground street artists of Kolkata belonging to various crews into one professional unit. While the initial plan didn’t work out, the original name of the project was ‘The Lab’. It later matured into ‘Kolkata Lab’, from where he got the idea of KOLLAB. Although a street style brand now, Kollab aims to encourage artistic zeal and create collaborations with artists from all over the world.

There’s always an enigma about rebellion. Isn’t it ?

Product Review –

The garments are made of high quality material which do not let you sweat profusely even if you are out in the afternoon, with a Sun blazing right above your head. They are more than a good worth of their prices. The fall of the garments is beautiful. They let you breathe and lets you run, jump, hop, trot and jive with ease.

You can check out their products, here at www.kollablifestyle.com .

Special thanks to Sarashmi Sarkar for being my partner and for being so beautiful in the photos. Visit her blog at www.sarashmis.wordpress.com .

Abhijnan Bose has been patient and supportive for the extensive shootings. A big shoutout to him !

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