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I still remember how my parents used to take me to the Local markets to shop for clothes, back in those days when tom and jerry, scooby doo and cartoon network as a whole used to be THE shizz. I could literally see them, have them and wear them anywhere..anytime. Back in time, wearing oversized, colourful, horribly mismatched and pathetically styled clothes comprised mass fashion because hey! We have been taught forever by our elders- be it parents, relatives or for that matter even the teachers .. that “good boys and girls don’t divert their concentration on dressing up. It’s almost a sin to neglect your career and education for fashion”.

Gone are those days. I strongly believe, fashion does not imply your purchasing power, self love and all of those adjectives and descriptions which the society will provide you in the name of it. Rather, Fashion is something which develops your personality, makes you confident about yourself and most importantly, helps you to always think and re-think and come up with something new, everytime you would want to look and feel different!

I am so happy to have been associated with this event, where they take up my notion seriously and helping to inculcate and implement them through kids, because the earlier you start… the better you develop as a person who has a distinct personality.  So let me tell you a bit more about the brands which are associated with JUNIORS FASHION WEEK 2017 and why they chose to showcase their collections at the same :


It has always been amazing to see how a piece of clothing could change how one look, feels about himself, holds himself, or even behave. Right clothing at the right time can do absolute wonders. And one such wonderful brand, that sure knows how to woo the hearts of the little ones, is Lil Angels. Well, they do complete justice to their name by dressing the children in breathtaking fairy dresses.

What is even interesting to note here is that the brand comes up a never-seen-before collection this fall. Lil Angels come together with Junior’s Fashion Week to showcase their wonderfully curated collection on the runway of Autumn Winter 2017 in Kolkata, on 02nd and 03rd September 2017. Their new festive collection is inspired from something we see and experience all around us all our lives. Their festive collection is a tribute to the miracle called – Mother Nature. They have used colors which are inspired by nature’s elements.

Nikita Dhandhania and Gunjan Sonthalia, co-owners of Lil Angels, say, “We have depicted mother nature’s vibrancy and vivacity and are using prints and embroideries of giraffe, hippopotamus, deer, and flamingo, etc. The beauty of the natural world lies in the details and the same is true for our collection. Also, we have ensured that our creations provide the same level of comfort and joy which nature provides us with.”

They also express their excitement for the event as they say, “Lil Angels is excited and thrilled to associate itself to Junior’s Fashion Week. We are waiting to showcase our festive collection in our own city of joy – Kolkata. As it’s our first time with JFW, it will enrich us with a new experience and create a new audience for us. This will give us an opportunity to identify our brand not only at a national level but also mark our footsteps into the global market.”


Kolkata will soon be beginning with the celebrations of the pious festival Durga Pooja, and to make it more glamorous and happening, Junior Fashion Week brings a spectacular event where A-First will showcase its colorful collection for the juniors. The UPTOWN Collection, as it is named, showcases designs of carefree fashion for the contemporary kids, with cutest and trendiest styles in the market.


A-First’s Autumn Winter 2017 collection is a plethora of designs, inspired by the joyous experiences of life, ranging from sumptuous candy bar colors to candid sea holidays. Their mission statement is to provide kids fashion for ‘the mass with a touch of class’. The new collection is inspired by customers and their ideas hence A-First makes sure that they live to the expectations. They believe every penny should be worth it, and folks to love their clothing beyond the concept. The best thing to note here is that the entire collection is made with eco-friendly fabrics and is stitched with perfection, to match the international standards.

The creatively curated collection by A-First will help the kids’ style effortlessly by giving them wearables that are as comfortable as daily wear apparels. This new peppy and joyful collection includes everything from a cool skater vibe-like slouchy jean to cargo pants, from a denim dress to comfy hoodie. A-First proudly presents a collection that is also inspired by millions of smiling faces of kids around the world. They believe that if something that has remained untouched over the countless years of industrial revolutions is kids’ smiling faces.


Ajay Sultania from A-First says, “We wish to thank Junior’s Fashion Week and their whole team to put this event together that has allowed us to showcase our collection to a broader spectrum of the kid’s apparel market.”

Junior’s Fashion Week aims at changing the way masses look at junior’s fashion and with brands like A-First, we believe the dream is not far from turning into a reality.


What you wear is how you present yourself to the world out there. They say be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. And in the fashion world, USPA (United States Polo Association) sure knows how to stand out from the crowd. With every new collection, USPA strikes the right chord in the fashion market. Innovation and comfort would be two words that could easily sum up USPA’s creativity and new collection every season.

Gone are the days when the entire focus in the fashion industry by the brands was on men and women apparels and accessories. Thanks to the globalization and the initiative by several fashion brands around the globe that the recent years are witnessing a rise in the sales of the children clothing. Much credit can also be given to the fashion events that specifically highlight children fashion like Junior’s Fashion Week and Global Kids Fashion Week, etc.

In the Autumn Winter edition, USPA comes up with another innovatively curated collection for the juniors. U.S. Polo Assn Kids AW’17 collection features traditional, preppy and updated looks. The collection offers contemporary elegance, great tradition and a jovial attitude which reflects in the positioning, imagery, and experience as a premium brand. Rooted in the brand’s American origin and polo connection, the collection showcases a vibrant play of bright colors along with reds, blues, and whites marking the core presence of the brand highlighted with stars, stripes, and dot prints.

Mr. Alok Dubey from USPA says, “U.S. Polo Assn Kids has always been a very integral part of our brand and we are pleased to be associated with Junior’s Fashion Week.  The creative and youthful nature of this show is a good platform to showcase our kids’ collection. Rooted in the brand’s American origin and polo connection, the collection stays true to classic American styling showcasing a vibrant play with reds, blues, and whites highlighted with stars, stripes, and dot prints. It’s always a pleasure to see kids wearing our traditional and preppy collection and we look forward to a great response from the show. The overwhelming reaction from parents and kids has given us a strong sense of responsibility to prove ourselves and provide a great clothing line for our junior models.”


Dress shabby and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the wearer. This is why they say, buy less but buy wisely. Dressing is an art and there are only a few who the make the most of it. When it comes to designing apparels and setting trends, Doodlers Apparels is one brand that sure knows how to do justice to every thread and stitch.

In the contemporary world we live in, where trends change every other day, DOODLERS sure know how to match up to the pace. DOODLERS APPARELS is India’s first creative fashion brand for boys and girls between 8 and 14 years. The fun wear range is differentiated by including apparels that carry creative doodles to appeal to the mindset of the tweens. The clothes line includes T-shirts, trousers, frocks, skirts and smart casuals.

Doodlers is also an exciting fashion destination for these youngsters where they can participate in interesting activities. It’s a whole new fun-filled universe. An experiential brand, Doodlers will engage, interact and entertain with flair and style. How amazing, right?

DOODLERS aims at sketching for tweens a world away from everyday reality to one of possibilities and imagination, a world that seamlessly integrates the unspoken and visual imagination of tweens into the tangible. Their products and experiences promote self-expression and creativity thus increasing an affiliation with the young Doodler.

Junior’s Fashion Week in association with Doodlers endeavor at present before the audience a spectacular event and to educate them about the junior’s fashion trends. Kalyan Bhose, MD and CEO, Doodlers Apparels, says, “We are pleased to be associated with Junior’s Fashion Week.  The innovative and youthful nature of this show is a good platform to showcase our kids’ collection. Showcasing our junior’s collection at JFW will sure help us grow. We are excited about the event and extend our gratitude towards the entire Junior’s Fashion Week team for coming up with an event like no other. We believe together we can change how the world perceives children fashion. We look forward to a great event and a long-term association.”

The little tots have aspired a dream of being junior super models and with brands like the above, they are going to achieve this dream in a grandeur way on the runway of Junior’s Fashion Week. Come, watch them turn their dreams into reality with sheer passion and elegance, because we have never seen elegance go out of style.

Kolkata will witness a grandeur junior’s fashion week, Autumn Winter 2017, scheduled on 02-03 September 2017 at JW Marriott.

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