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The year is ending in some hours and all I could ever think of doing, was to get back to my laptop, type out sentences and communicate to you all, my dear readers as I call you my family. You see, this year has been a roller coaster ride.Professionally, I was there everywhere. Got covered all over the country in a nationally popular newspaper, alongside Ranveer Singh, got to interview Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, featured in two of the most prestigious editions of a leading pop culture newspaper in Kolkata…. and most importantly got to do every single thing that I wanted.

However, the most fascinating thing about this year is that I matured as a person. In the journey of coming across a deluge of people, some relationships matured, some faded away, some lost and some gained. It was almost as if a transition from my naive, gullible self into this mature young man, who is penning this down for you. I learnt that nothing is more important than valuing yourself. I learned this first hand, a hard way, and in the coming year, I am going to swear by this learning. I will live every moment for myself, I will do everything for myself, and most importantly, I will not let anyone or anything tell me that I am not worth it. Enough of ‘trying to be in the good books.” Well, you see, all the best things in life, are not ‘good’. LOL social code.

Hereby, starting off again, with all of you, into making the most of the day and living in the moment.

So in 2017, another important thing happened – I got admitted in the Masters in Arts PG program in the prestigious University of Calcutta. You see, being a literature student, I always have noticed the influence of ‘fashion’ in the subject and had forever wanted to do something on those lines.

So here it is – Fashion inspired from the poems of Andrew Marvell and William Blake.

Andrew Marvell, who happens to be a metaphysical poet, writes in his poem “To His Coy Mistress” how time has the power to consume our youth and make us go back to the dust if we do not make optimum usage of the time, which is available to us. Therefore, the concept of ‘Carpe Diem’.

William Blake, in his poem “The Sick Rose” tells us how, a beautiful rose, loses its charm and beauty if it takes up the rotting odours of the wind, which ultimately destroy its core.


  • I have attempted an experiment with the most cliched topic of ‘monochrome’. Here, the monochrome is given a colour splash through the yellow shades, to make it look more vintage.
  • In the second look, the colour of the rose has been swiped into the accessories – the beanie, the shades and the trousers… whereas the main motif has been kept in black and white.
  • This season, I am actually focusing on quoted clothing and digital prints.
  • Perfect for your regular days at college or a day out with your friends or even a picnic.
  • Easy to carry, comfortable, keeps you warm at the right places and also makes you stand out of the crowd.

Here’s wishing you all a great year ahead. A lot more is coming up on the blog, hopefully every weekend. New year is gonna be great for all of us. I promise. Keep loving. Keep slaying!

Photography – Ashlen Aloysish Singh

Clothing –


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