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It’s been a year and a half since I’ve come back to this. A lot happened in between…. like I became a post graduate; I’ve landed up with a very different career option, visited places and a lot other things here and there.  Basically, in the past couple of years, I consciously and sometimes (a lot many times, actually) unconsciously, was trying to figure out where exactly I want to be in life. You see, fashion is something I enjoy. I love reading on fashion, if you ever happen to visit my house, you would see I have piles of books on Fashion APART from the Vogues and the Elles and the Harper’s Bazaars. Fashion intrigues me. It thrills me. It lets me be who I want to be without being apologetic. But ‘influencing’ people on the same, is what I believe I am an epic fail at. I will tell you why.

I never wanted to be a ‘blogger’ or an influencer ever. It’s simply because I had no idea about what it was. Anyway, that is a whole different story. Maybe I will discuss it sometime later. Now, that being said, I tried to embrace the ‘Blogger & Influencer’ life. It was good….. Oh so good! It is still wonderful, yes! But I don’t relate to it anymore.

Firstly, all of you, who have taken up blogging and influencing seriously as a career option, I have mad respect for you. Trust me, having been in the business for quite some time, I know what it takes to deal with the clients, to come up with content, to execute all of the shooting/filming/editing. If  you are serious about what you are doing and are giving everything to it, then you have all my love and respect.

But, when it comes to me, I don’t enjoy commercial blogging anymore. It somehow, restricts my artistic abilities, my creativity and most importantly how I see fashion. No, I am not ranting or complaining at all. I completely understand where the brands are coming from and it’s absolutely fair on their part to have specific requirements. It’s just that, I am not comfortable doing what hundred other people are doing across the country. I am not comfortable following a particular pattern and category.

Fashion to me, is art. It is a mode of revolution and breaking boundaries. It is adventurous. It is empowering. It is freedom. So here I am, back at it again and this time, it’s going to be me and my impulses. No commerce, no endorsements and most importantly no type.

I have come to terms with the fact that I suck at social media. People close to me will tell you how bad I am at texting back. It’s been days and months since I’ve posted anything on my social media handles. Good content, I believe, requires time to be surfaced and that does not happen with commercial blogging. At least, it did not happen with me. Most of the times, there is a deadline to upload the content and oftentimes it’s so narrow between sourcing the items and showcasing them, that quality of content gets compromised on.

It’s no point calling myself a fashion enthusiast if I am not having fun with it. The only collaborations I am willing to take up are with creative people. Nothing thrills me more than coming together with people who add their visions and creativity and art to mine, thereby creating a masterpiece. Like here, I have Mohini and Shweta, without whom, this shoot would not have been possible. They literally turned me into how I I would have looked  had I been painted by Van Gogh.

There’s no literal connection between the text and photos but that’s the whole point. Hope you’ve enjoyed going through this post. I’ll hopefully come back soon again. Till then, keep loving. Keep supporting!

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  1. So true . I completely agree to the fact that art has to get compromised when commercialized . The thing, you started doing for your satisfaction, suddenly turns into a ‘demand and supply’system.