Sometimes, even when you are having a fantastic time in your life, both personal and professional, you need to come out of everything, take in a deep breath and talk to yourself, spend time with yourself, go out on dates with yourself, and just be at peace. Try it once. Do it. Trust me, you will feel much much better.

So here I am, after a little bit of ‘self love’ back at what I love the most, apart from myself – talking to all of you.

I am a hardcore Bengali at heart. Give me fish and I will bless you forever. Give me ‘dudh cha’, I will make you my bff. Love me and I will love you back twice as much. All of this and of course, the over-excitement for every single occasion. Say, from the opening of ‘Starbucks’ in Kolkata to Christmas. I enjoy every single thing.

So yet another occasion is coming up the Bengali New Year or as we call it, “Nobo Borsho”. I remember being an over excited kid and going a Gold shopping spree with Ma. Yes, that is essentially what we Bengalis do on this day – shop Gold/Silver, eat out, spend time with friends and family, and OF COURSE WEAR NEW CLOTHES. That is the most important thing! Yes!

Earlier this month, an invitation came my way and I cannot wait to tell you about all of It! Do read on!

Siyaa Grooms – an exclusive store for the groom and his friends, has opened up in Kolkata; and I was invited to browse through their collections. Also, I tried out  a few interesting pieces and have put together the following looks.

The first one HAD to be a black ensemble. One can never go wrong with black. Be it a wedding, your graduation farewell ceremony, freshers’ party, birthday party, daaru party, friend’s break up party OR yours, whatever be the occasion, close your eyes. Pick out the black things from your wardrobe.

Over here, I have put together a black drape kurta which falls like a dream of satin on the figure and to add a bit more sophistication, I picked up the black long blazer with rib-like details on the chest and well structured shoulders on the either side. Walk in to the ceremony with grace and panache. Let everyone check you out. And then, after a couple of daaru shots, drop off the blazer and dance your way to everyone’s hearts in the solid black drape kurta. Feel how the drapes add to your moves. Crazy candids on the camera? On YOUR way, Hell yes!

Now for the second ensemble, I wanted to try out a bandghala but not the regular ones. I am not a fan of bandhgalas and DEFINITELY not Nehru jackets because I somehow feel that they box up the whole figure and obscures the body fluidity. So here I picked up a rust bandhgala with a twist. It is asymmetric and has those heavy brass buttons, which might remind you of the British East India Company officers.

I am sure all of you had been going gaga over #Virushka‘ s wedding pictures. Yes, I have been too. Remember that gorgeous ensemble which Virat had worn on his reception day at Delhi? The bandhgala with a luxuriously classic Kashmiri shawl? The one where Anushka complemented him with that red banarsi and forehead full of sindoor! Yes! Yes! That one.

So I picked up this heavily embellished dupatta (It’s a pity that I can’t show you how twinkly the borders were) and tried out a cosplay of the above. I don’t think I look hideous. Lol. Guys, you must let me know, though.

Perfect for an evening occasion, This is by far a favourite.

Now a little bit about the brand :

The main aim of the new store is to offer us as a one stop shop for exquisite, innovative designer outfits and a sizeable range of accessories for the fashionable grooms and all the men related to him and those part of his entourage. The designers, which is very evident from their quality and kind of work, that they work very hard to keep their creations up to date with latest trends in style, fabric, styling and smartness.

Address – It is right at the confluence of Park Street and Loudon Street crossing. 22A. U.N. Brahmachari Street, Ground Floor, Opposite Kohinoor Building, Kolkata – 700016. Phone – +91 33 40037371

Photography – Kaustav Sarkar (@untappedsoul)

Makeup – Siu (@siulingk)

Hope you would try out some style element from the above and have a fantastic festive season in the coming months.

Will write to you all soon again. Keep loving. Keep supporting!